In addition to its regular education activities, ISPO is currently involved in the following projects:

International Standards for the Training and Education in Orthopaedic Shoe Technology

ISPO has been represented in the European working group that has developed international standards for the training and education in Orthopaedic Shoe Technology. The ISPO Education Committee has approved these guidelines, which are to be published shortly.

EU Leonardo eLearning Project “TRAINORTHOT”*


The project entitled “Transnational online course to provide specific, vocational training to professionals on the treatment of foot pathologies” was co-financed by the European Commission under its Lifelong Learning Programme LEONARDO DA VINCI. Started in December 2011, the project aimed to develop transnational online courses on orthotic treatment of foot pathologies for professionals and students in the foot orthopaedic sector in different European countries. The project has been successfully completed two years ago. More information can be found here

This initiative aimed to mitigate the differences between various European countries in relation to the foot orthopaedic sector, the educational programs, the categorization of the orthopedic professionals, their competences and skills. In addition, it had ambitions to provide professionals in the sector with the educational basis and training that will enable them to adapt to the evolving market and customer requirements.

TRAINORTHOT builds on the results obtained in a previous R&D project, INNOFOOT (Innovative Treatment of Foot Disorders COLL-CT-2006-030468), which generated training materials with a generic syllabus not specifically addressed to the particular professional profiles of different countries.

TRAINORTHOT created and validated four courses adapted to Slovakian, Czech, Spanish and English professionals in the Foot Orthopaedic Sector and Vocational Training students to facilitate the access to the life-long learning. Researchers from the participating R&D centres acted as course tutors, bridging the gap between R&D´s and companies (especially SME´s), regarding emerging technologies and innovative materials.

ISPO participated in this project by providing consulting and dissemination services.

For more information on this project and to follow developments, consult:

See here press note of April 2013 on second consortium meeting.

See here article on the termination of the project (December 2013).


THIRD EDITION of Online Course 
 Biomechanical Assessment of Foot Pathologies, Design and Manufacture of Orthotic Solutions
As one of the consortium partners in the project, ISPO is pleased to announce the launch of the e-course on “Biomechanical Assessment of Foot Pathologies, Design and Manufacture of Orthotic Solutions”
Starting on 2 October 2017, the course covers 55 hours of online training. Participants can connect at all times during a period of 3 months, benefiting from theoretical and practical exercises, interactive involvement with other students, online support and guidance by academic tutors and continuous assessments of the progress made. A course certificate will be upon successful completion of all modules.
5% discount is offered to ISPO members. 

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*Project number: 2011-1-SK1-LEO05-02875.
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