Council of Industry Partners

The ISPO Council of Industry Partners (the Council) provides a forum for on-going dialogue, information sharing, joint exploration of shared challenges in the P&O fields and a platform to support collaboration with industry partners worldwide.

With the creation of the Council, ISPO aims to work in partnership to develop the P&O field, but retains full independence from industry and other third parties when it comes to decision-making around process and the direction of the society.

The Council’s ultimate objective is to benefit P&O users across the world. The Council is open to industry partners active in the P&O field or related disciplines including manufacturing P&O devices and/or providing P&O and rehabilitation services. Members represent different lines of business and regions to promote rich dialogue.

For more details (including a full list of the associated membership benefits) and the Council’s terms of reference click here. If you are interested in becoming a Member of the ISPO Council of Industry Partners, please contact Julie Cooper (ISPO Strategic Advisor).


The Council's Members








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