Education Committee

The ISPO Education Committee is responsible for all matters of ISPO relating to Education. It has a continuing responsibility to review the educational policy of the Society and to make recommendations to the Executive Board; and to oversee the educational activities of the Society as directed by the Executive Board.

The work of the Education Committee is undertaken by various sub-committees:


  • Bryan Malas, USA (Chair)
  • Elaine Figgins, UK (Assistant Chair)
  • Dan Blocka, Canada (Member)
  • Rowan English, Australia (Member)
  • Carson Harte, UK (Member)
  • Sisary Kheng, Cambodia (Member)
  • Achille Otou Essono, Cameroon (Member)
  • Wes Pryor, Australia (Member)
  • Helen Cochrane, Canada (Member)
  • Berit Hamer, Germany (Member)
  • Christian Schlierf, Germany (Member)

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