eLearning Sub-Committee

The eLearning Sub-Committee is responsible for:

  • Proposing and initiating E-Learning activities, and providing a schedule for the eLearning activities over the triennium.
  • Coordinating on-line activities related to Education with the ISPO Office so that they can be promoted, advertised, etc.
  • Elaborating and implementing the eLearning portal for the new ISPO website in close collaboration with Website Development Committee, Course Coordinator and related Task Officers so that content and media from ISPO events can be captured and posted on the web.
  • Communicating and reporting regularly to the Core Education Committee and EC Chair.


  • Wes Pryor, Australia (Chair)
  • Dan Blocka, Canada (Co-Chair)
  • Berit Hamer, Germany (Member)
  • Christian Schlierf, Germany / Bosnia-Herzegovina (Member)
  • Gerald Stark, US (Member)
  • Heinz Trebbin, Germany (Member)
  • Man-Sang Wong, Hong Kong (Member)