Evaluation & Recognition Process

Schools and institutions interested in receiving ISPO recognition as Category I, II or III training programme in prosthetics and orthotics should submit a letter of intent to the ISPO Head Office mentioning the official programme name, a brief description of the programme, the Category being sought and the details of the relevant contact person.

The applying institution will be required to complete a Self-Study Document and submit it back to ISPO together with a number of supporting documents that are detailed in the Self-Study document.


The ISPO Education Committee reviews the application and decided to organize a consultation first or arrange for direct evaluation of the programme.


For the majority of applying programmes, one or more consultation visits by one or two ISPO experts are organized at the institution prior to conducting the official evaluation.


The official ISPO evaluation, conducted by two ISPO evaluators, is to coincide with the final examination of the students

Following the evaluation, a detailed evaluation report including recommendations will be submitted by the evaluators to the ISPO Education Core Committee and Category I or II Subcommittee for review. A final report including recommendations, eventual conditions and proposed recognition status and period will be submitted to the ISPO Executive Board for final approval.


Recognized programmes, as well as students that graduate during the recognition period, will receive an ISPO certificate.  

Once the period of recognition is expiring, the institution will contact the ISPO Head Office and request a re-evaluation. Alternatively, ISPO will alert the program that the recognition is expiring and inquire whether they wish to request a re-evaluation in order to receive continued recognition.

Important note: the outcomes of ISPO (re)evaluation visits are official only after reception of the ISPO official notification. Schools/programmes are kindly asked not to publicly discuss or divulge the outcomes of the ISPO (re)evaluation before receiving the ISPO confirmation letter.


For a first consultation, ISPO will pay for the travel expenses of the ISPO consultants. The school will arrange for the accommodation and will bear the local costs (local transportation, meals, accommodation).

For follow-up consultations and (re-)evaluations, the school will bear the totality of the expenses of the ISPO consultants/evaluators.