#ISPOWER falls into the framework of the WHO initiative for Global Cooperation on Assistive Technology (GATE) which is aimed at improving access to high-quality affordable Assistive Products.

The WHO has identified 4 key components for GATE: products, personnel, provision and policy; and is focusing on 4 concrete tools to achieve its overarching goal of improving access to assistive health technology and services:
- Products: Priority Assistive Products List (APL)
- Personnel: Comprehensive assistive technology training programme (ATTP)
- Provision: Single-window service provision model (ATSP)
- Policy: National assistive technology framework (ATF)

The work of GATE is undertaken by four working groups focusing on Advocacy, Norms and Standards, Innovation and Research. See more about GATE Working Groups here.

In line with GATE’s advocacy work stream, #ISPOWER seeks to raise decision makers’ awareness on the need to improve access to prosthetic, orthotic and assistive health technologies and services.

See more news about #ISPOWER and GATE.

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