Guidelines and Resources

In line with its mission, ISPO produces guidelines and reports on selected topics:

With the objective of providing guidance to any country or organisation involved in the establishment or restructuring of a training course that shall satisfy the standards of ISPO with respect to the training of a Category I, II or III professional, ISPO has created information packages which describe learning objectives, provide examples of a syllabus and appropriate arrangements for final examinations. They also outline arrangements for evaluation and recognition of P&O training programmes by ISPO.

ISPO/USAID Collaboration:

2000-2010 Final report on the activities undertaken within the framework of the grant 'Appropriate Prosthetic and Orthotic Technologies in Low Income Countries'.

2008-2015 Reports from Impact Assessments under the grant ‘Facilitating rehabilitation of people with physical disability in developing countries through education and training of prosthetics/orthotics professionals 2008-2015’:

Final report: Rehabilitation of people with physical disabilities in developing countries - ISPO, Denmark. ISBN 978-87-93486-00-3

Other useful resources: