How to Sponsor a Member?

Do you wish  to make a contribution and sponsor the ISPO membership of an individual in a less resourced country?

In recognition of the fact that there are great disparities around the globe in terms of earnings, financial means and opportunities, and in an effort to enhance worldwide collaboration and mutual benefit within its international network of prosthetics, orthotics and rehabilitation professionals and organisations, ISPO International seeks to facilitate the sponsoring of ISPO Membership for individuals in less resourced countries.

The objective is to allow these professionals, students, young graduates and users to be part of the global ISPO network and to receive the offered membership benefits.

If you are interested in sponsoring the membership fee of an individual in a less resourced country OR if you are from a less resourced country and are interested in having your ISPO membership fee supported by an ISPO sponsor, please contact ISPO at Members who wish to be sponsored should submit the bespoke form available for download here [link to download].

ISPO International has built a database of individuals that will be shared with interested sponsors to facilitate the matching process. The database includes a short CV of the individuals and a description of their projects, plans and challenges.

Contributors to the initiative will receive appropriate recognition and acknowledgement through ISPO’s various communication channels, such as ISPO’s website and eUpdate.


Twinning Programme between Member Societies

If your Member Society is interested in twinning with another Member Society, please read the information available here.