Impact Assessment

ISPO assesses the impact of Category I and II training on:

  • The end user of prosthetic and orthotic devices:
  • The quality of prosthetic/orthotic treatment: though continuous evaluation of ISPO-recognized P&O schools worldwide to make sure that their programmes fully adhere to the ISPO standards.

Graduate audit         
ISPO Category I graduate questionnaire
ISPO Category I employer questionnaire
ISPO Category II graduate questionnaire
ISPO Category II employer questionnaire

Field follow up
Lower Limb orthotics structured interview data form
Lower limb prosthetics structured interview data form


Prosthetics & Orthotics Impact Assessment: Latin America: Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia. Sexton S, Jovane R, Rosario D, Castaneda M (2015) - download the Spanish version of the report

Prosthetics & Orthotics Impact Assessment: South East Asia: Cambodia and Lao PDR. Sexton S, Stills M, Chhoeurn V, Kheng S (2015).

Prosthetics & Orthotics Impact Assessment: India and Bangladesh. Cochrane H, Rosario D, Singh A, Ghosh R (2015).

Impact Assessment Appendices - English

Prosthetics & Orthotics Impact Assessment: Africa: Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda Sexton S, Shangali H, Munissi B (2012)

2010 VIETCOT Follow-Up Visit: Vietnam

ISPO Assessors John Fisk and Bengt Soderberg during a graduate follow-up visit
in Vietnam in 2010