ISPO eLearning

As part of its eLearning offering to members, ISPO has recently launched the ISPO eLearning Lecture Series, which seeks to provide access to, and archive, some key lectures in broad discipline areas from around the world. The Series promotes a balance of topic areas, reflecting the Society’s multidisciplinary emphasis.

Lectures will include research results, clinical findings, topics of general interest, and contributions from the industry. One of the most important emphases of the Series will be to capture and share keynote addresses from ISPO World Congresses and from regional or national Member Society events around the world. Each biennium, the Lecture Series will share the Knud Jansen lecture - ISPO's premier keynote address opening the scientific proceedings of ISPO World Congresses.

ISPO will further seek to offer live ‘webinars’ from time to time, in addition to recording and sharing lectures.

The lecture series is planned and administered by ISPO's eLearning Subcommittee of the Education Committee.

The eLearning Subcommittee welcomes proposals from ISPO Member Societies, and will solicit contributions from national and regional meetings, World Congresses and directly from presenters.

Available recordings:

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