ISPO Membership Categories

Full Member:
Any person actively engaged in prosthetics, orthotics and rehabilitation engineering or a related field, including research, education, clinical practice, or other significant aspects.

Student Member:
A student or trainee in an appropriate discipline.

User Member: 
Users of prosthetic, orthotic, mobility and assistive devices.

A member, who, in the opinion of the Executive Board, has contributed significantly to the objectives of ISPO by professional achievement and personal integrity. Download form for the nomination of a Fellow.

Emeritus Fellow or Member:
Any member of twenty-five or more years standing, who is 65 years or above and has retired from active practice and who has applied for such status. Applicants for this category must fill in the corresponding form and submit it to the ISPO Head Office for approval from the ISPO Executive Board.

Sponsoring Member:
A person or organization who supports the activities of ISPO financially in excess of the regular membership fee.

Institutional Member:
A university, research centre, clinic, or other appropriate associations or bodies.

Partner Organizations:
A special class of membership available to national and international societies or groups working within the ISPO area of interest, affiliated by application or invitation.