Membership in ISPO International is open to all individual professionals, associations, organizations, and institutions with a bona fide interest in prosthetics, orthotics, wheelchairs, assistive devices, rehabilitation engineering and related subjects who support the Mission and Goals of ISPO.

By becoming a member of ISPO, you make a commitment to make the world a place where all persons with physical disabilities have equal opportunity for full participation in society.

ISPO Members receive a number of benefits, such as a free subscription to ISPO publications, reduced registration fees at ISPO events and an eligibility to contribute to the work of ISPO directly.

Several membership categories are available in ISPO.


ISPO is structured in Member Societies, which are formed on a national or regional basis by a minimum of five individual ISPO members. If there is a Member Society in your country then please contact the Member Society directly concerning the ISPO membership subscription and information regarding the fees. Find out whether there is a Member Society in your country.

ISPO accepts direct membership from individuals in countries where no Member Society exists. If you are from a country with no Member Society, please fill in the membership application form. The ISPO Head Office will then contact you back with details regarding the membership fees and payment options.

If there is no Member Society in your country and you and your colleagues are interested in forming one, then see how to create a new ISPO Member Society.

At the end of 2015, ISPO counted 65 Member Societies and a total of over 3,500 members worldwide.

Special Initiatives

In recognition of the fact that there are great disparities around the globe in terms of earnings, financial means and opportunities, and in an effort to enhance worldwide collaboration and mutual benefit within its international network of prosthetics, orthotics and rehabilitation professionals and organizations, ISPO International is working to facilitate the Twinning of Member Societies and individual ISPO Membership Sponsoring.