Uma - 18 years' old - a clearer path due to P&O

In the context of the #ISPOWER campaign, ISPO-partner Handicap International has collected stories from P&O device users from all over the world. We would like to share these with you.

Today, we talk about Uma - 18 years' old - who has found a clear path due to her prosthetic device!

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Uma, 18 years old, lives in a small village called Godawari, in Nepal, with her parents and her brother.                 

She lost her right leg after the earthquake that hit her country on 25 April 2015.

“We lived in a farm house which had been in our family for four generations. We felt  the ground shake and we ran. The wall to the cow shed collapsed. I was trapped under it. My brother took my hand and my family pulled me out. I don’t remember much after that, just the pain. I was taken to hospital and I woke up feeling like something was different. My leg had been taken away.”

After being discharged from the hospital, Uma was provided an artificial leg. She joined other patients at the Nepalese Disability Foundation, a local rehabilitation center supported by Handicap International. After some initial treatment, she began to spend most of her time at home, confined to her small bedroom, until a physiotherapist, from Handicap International, came to visit her.

“I just sat in my room; he came along and taught me how to use my prosthesis. It changed my life. I thought I would never walk again. I knew I had to practice the exercises I was given every day so I could get back to college.”

Prior to the earthquake she was studying engineering. Then, she decided to change her degree to social work.

“I had a few choices ahead of me before the earthquake. It felt like with two legs I have two paths to take. After the quake I only have one leg but it’s also given me one clear path. To help those who are like me.”

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