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ISPO Draft Recommendation for Defining Participants in Prosthetics Research: Share your Views

The ISPO Scientific committee has produced a draft recommendation for defining participants in prosthetics research. The purpose of this recommendation is to improve the quality and consistency of research participant data that is presented in the literature.

For the researcher, decisions on participant data collection are made during the study design phase and are typically difficult or impossible to obtain after data collection is complete. A participant information minimum data set would be used when planning prosthetic studies, to collect appropriate participant data during a study, and assist reviewers by providing criteria for publication assessment. For clinicians, improved information quality will help when translating research results into clinical practice.

The data set includes a comprehensive list of items, descriptions, and formats for all possible descriptors. Researchers would typically not use the complete data set to describe study participants. A minimum data set is also presented and includes prosthetic descriptors that should be included in all publications.

The draft recommendation is currently in the open review phase. Please review the document and provide comments by email to ISPO before December 20, 2012.

Open Review Document: Draft Recommendation for Defining Participants in Prosthetics Research

The ISPO Scientific committee appreciates your contributions to ensure the quality of this initiative.