Scientific Committee

The ISPO Scientific Committee is responsible for all matters of ISPO relating to Science. The promotion of research and evidence-based practice is one of the main activities stated in the ISPO mission.

In particular, the Scientific Committee:

  • Strengthens ISPO’s contribution to creation and dissemination of science in P&O
  • Oversees the scientific activities of the Society as directed by the Executive Board.
  • Is responsible to review the scientific policy of the Society and make recommendations to the Executive Board.
  • Leads the efforts of the ISPO World Congress Program Development

Specific goals and actions arising out of ISPO's Strategic Plan 2013-15 with regard to Science and Research are the following:

  • Demonstrate the benefits of P&O services to relevant stakeholders, such as governments and public authorities, launch of an international study;
  • Identify new areas for research and promote joint research with other organizations;
  • Organize a Consensus Conference during the biennium 2013-2015.


Click here to access documentation related to the work of the ISPO Scientific Committee - the Scientific Committee Resources section of the ISPO website.



  • Man-Sang Wong, Hong Kong (Chair)
  • Harmen van der Linde, Netherlands (Member)
  • Jaap Harlaar, Netherlands (Member)
  • Ed Lemaire, Canada (Member)
  • Magnus Lilja, Sweden (Member)
  • Marco Cavallaro (Italy)
  • Hans-Henning Wetz (Germany)

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