Standards & Guidelines Committee

The Standards/Guidelines Sub-Committee is responsible for:

  • Reviewing and updating the Category I and II Information Packages and documents related to the application and recognition process, in coordination with the Category I and II Sub-Committees.
  • Reviewing and updating the ISPO/WHO Guidelines for training of personnel for prosthetics and orthotic services (and subsequent consultation with the WHO).
  • Establishing new guidelines as directed by the Education Committee and/or Executive Board (such as Wheelchair Guidelines coming via WHO or Orthopaedic Shoe Technology).
  • Establishing a timeline to determine the frequency of document/guideline review.
  • Communicating and reporting regularly to the Core Education Committee and EC Chair.


  • Carson Harte, UK (Chair)
  • Helen Cochrane, Canada (Assistant Chair)
  • Robin Seabrook, USA (Member)
  • Christiane Rauch, Germany (Member)
  • Rune Nilsen, Norway (Member)
  • Hung-Hei Kwan, Hong Kong (Member)