Each ISPO Member Society is independent and implements, within its own country or region, any activities that will further the objectives of the International Society.

The Member Societies elect representatives from their membership to serve on the International Committee.

In addition to the representatives of ISPO Member Societies, the International Committee consists of the members of the Executive BoardTask Officers and International Consultants. Only the Member Society representatives on this committee have voting rights.

The International Committee evaluates the activities of ISPO and advises the Executive Board as appropriate. It ensures that the policies and plans of ISPO, as well as the representation on the International Committee, the Executive Board and Committees reflect as much as possible the various professional disciplines and interests and the cultural and geographical distribution of the ISPO membership.

The International Committee selects, by majority vote, the Officers of ISPO and others to serve on the Executive Board.

Voting members of the Executive Board consist of the Officers and six other At-Large Members.

The Officers are the President, the President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The Immediate Past-President and all Standing Committee Chairs may join the Executive Board as ex-officio non-voting members.

The President, with majority approval of the Board, may appoint non-voting Consultants or Task Officers to the Board.

The ISPO Head Office in Brussels functions as the Society's Headquarters.