Global Partnership Exchange (GPEx)

ISPO keeps in regular contact with partner organisations through its Global Partnership Exchange - GPEx (formerly the ISPO Open Board), with the purpose to provide a forum for on-going networking that allows for strategic dialogue about common challenges in the field of rehabilitation and assistive technology (with an emphasis  on mobility devices such as prostheses, orthoses and wheelchairs), and with the ultimate objective to improve the quality of life for people who may benefit from mobility and assistive devices.

GPEx provides a connection between ISPO, international organisations, and non-governmental organisations, from different regions of the world. Membership is open to institutions and/or organisations active in the fields of rehabilitation, assistive technology and mobility devices, disability or related areas, either providing/supporting services, training of professionals, or representing professionals and/or user groups. Members sign a Memorandum of Understanding with ISPO.

Application Form

Organisations interested in joining the ISPO GPEx may apply here

Terms of Reference

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