Research Mentorship Programme

The research mentorship programme IPOS (Improving Prosthetic and Orthotic Sciences) aims to support (new) researchers in enhancing their knowledge of basic procedures and requirements for publication in conference proceedings or research/clinical journals related to prosthetics and orthotics.

In the short term, IPOS aims to improve the scientific contributions at the ISPO World Congress with a view to - in the longer term - contributing to raising the level of scientific practices related to P&O services in general.

Mentorship Arrangement

The IPOS programme relies on a mentorship agreement whereby an experienced and trusted adviser (the Research Mentor) will coach a Research Mentee from research manuscript preparation to submission. Research Mentors can also advise Research Mentees on how to reply the journal editors about the comments given by the manuscript reviewers. Regular communication between the two parties is expected.

IPOS Mentor List

  • Man Sang Wong, Hong Kong
  • Saeed Zahedi, United Kingdom
  • Helena Burger, Slovenia
  • Arezoo Eshraghi, Canada
  • Desmond Deirdre, Ireland
  • Nerrolyn Ramstrand, Sweden
  • Dick Plettenburg, Netherlands
  • Tzaki Siev-Ner, Israel
  • Matthew Major, USA
  • Jeanne Kagwiza, Rwanda

IPOS Programme Guidelines

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Application Form

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IPOS Agreement Form

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