ISPO Fellows

The following individuals were awarded ISPO Fellowship in recognition of their contributions to the activities of ISPO and the enhancement of P&O services in general, including advancements in education, training or research.

  • Bengt Söderberg (Sweden)
  • Dan Blocka (Canada)
  • Friedbert Kohler (Australia)
  • Hung-Hei Kwan (Hong Kong)
  • Jan Geertzen (Netherlands)
  • Jules Becher (Netherlands)
  • Klaas Postema (Netherlands)
  • Madhouraj Balakrishnan (India)
  • Man-Sang Wong (Hong Kong)
  • Rajiv Hanspal (United Kingdom)
  • Rosielena Jované C. (Panama)
  • William J. Barringer (USA)
  • Saeed Zahedi (United Kingdom)
  • Edward Lemaire (Canada)
  • Chapal Khasnabis (India)


ISPO members and fellows who have been members in good standing with ISPO for at least fifteen years, and who have reached the age of 65 or have retired from active practice, may apply for emeritus membership with ISPO.

Emeritus members are not required to pay the yearly ISPO membership fee and will continue to receive all benefits that are accorded to ISPO members.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact ISPO at