Advocacy Committee


The mission of the ISPO Advocacy Committee is to

  • Raise public and decision-maker awareness of the value to individuals and to society of improved access to P&O care, and to
  • Promote quality P&O and rehabilitation services which stems from quality training for P&O professionals, and an adequately funded P&O and rehabilitation service,

with a view to assist ISPO in furthering the overall advocacy objectives at both international and local levels:

  • Drive policy developments in the P&O and rehabilitation field,
  • Drive recognition of the P&O and rehabilitation profession,
  • Help implement the WHO Standards for P&O service provision at regional level.

Composition 2023-25

  • Zia Ur Rahman, Pakistan (Chair)
  • Elizabeth Mansfield, USA (Past Chair)
  • Yeti Raj Niraula, Nepal (Member)
  • Jean Pierre Lissac, France (Member)
  • Anas Shtiwi, Jordan (Member)
  • Michelle Jamin, USA (Member)

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