Continuous Professional Development Committee


The mission of the ISPO CPD Committee is to develop and maintain a strategic continuing education plan for the Society; to develop core educational content; provide guidance on topics and content for workshops, symposia, and conferences that meet the “body of knowledge transfer” and continuing education needs of members worldwide; provide guidance on the delivery formats and methods to facilitate global delivery of core educational content; implement instructor review and approval processes as defined in the standing rules; and provide guidance on the use of relevant education from other allied organisations.

Composition 2023-25

  • Kazuhiro Sakai, Japan (Chair)
  • Youssef Salam, Lebanon (Past Chair)
  • Laura Burgess, UK (Member)
  • Lana Van Neikerk, South Africa (Member)
  • Jean-Pierre Lissac, France (Member)
  • Adolfo Granados, Costa Rica (Member)
  • Akouetevi Ahego, Togo (Member)
  • Dhanny Widhata, Indonesia (Member)
  • Maryam Maleki, Iran (Member)
  • Sudarsan Swain, Malaysia (Member)
  • Shoko Nireki, Japan (Member)

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