Protocol Committee


The mission of the ISPO Protocol Committee is to have a permanent responsibility to review and interpret the Constitution and to act as an advisory body to the Executive Board. In particular, the Protocol Committee:

  • Ensures that all decisions taken by the Executive Board are consistent with the Constitution
  • Recommends amendments to the Constitution as deemed necessary
  • Conducts the Elections of the Executive Board according to the ISPO Constitution, bylaws and procedures approved by the Executive Board.

Composition 2021-23

  • Edward Lemaire, Canada (Chair)
  • David Constantine, UK (Member)
  • David Rusaw, Sweden  (Member)
  • Guerrero - Nieto Gisela, Panama (Member)
  • Hale Steven, Canada (Member)
  • Sheehan Beth, Malawi (Member)
  • Raed Alkhattab, Jordan (Member)
  • Rosielena Jovane, USA (Member)

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