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Over the past 30 years, ISPO has been working with the community of P&O educators, developing a valued and valuable system of consultation, support and accreditation for the schools of P&O across the world. Through this work, ISPO has been an important catalyst in the development of P&O services, especially in low and middle income countries.

What is ISPO Accreditation?

It is the ISPO Education Committees’ goal and desire to work in collaboration with schools and training institutions seeking accreditation and to support them as they strive to achieve quality P&O education and training based on the ISPO Standards, and to become part of a global education network.

ISPO evaluation and accreditation is a process in which prosthetics & orthotics training programmes across the globe elect to have an external and comprehensive review of their training programme, based on the ISPO Standards for P&O Education. The purpose of the accreditation is to:

• Use the ISPO Standards to ensure quality P&O education and training
• Encourage programmes to improve quality P&O education
• Ensure the accountability of P&O educational programmes
• Provide public and consumer confidence in P&O educational programmes

ISPO helps establish and develop P&O training programmes by providing advice and expertise.

The recognition process is not mandatory for any programme, but done on a purely volunteer basis. Programmes that participate in the process show a clear commitment to the procedures and requirements laid out by ISPO.

This model is similar to other accreditation models and works on the premise that an external and objective review of a program is the best way to validate quality education.