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Donation Platform

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ISPO aims to empower people with impaired mobility around the globe. Your donation will help ISPO on its mission to improve the quality of life for persons who may benefit from prosthetic, orthotic, mobility and assistive technology.

You can choose to support a particular project, or to make a general donation to the Society’s global development fund.

Statistics on donations will be released on a regular basis, and ISPO Contributors (donations above EUR 100) will be publicly acknowledged in ISPO media channels (unless they prefer not to).

ISPO Short Courses:

       Support Training & Skill Development in Lower-Middle Income Countries

Enhance P&O training and continuous development in lower-middle income countries. ISPO Short Courses bring world-renowned faculty members to lower-middle income countries to teach on key subjects and provide practical training in a hands-on workshop.


Your Donation:

  • Enable a practitioner from a lower-middle income country to participate in a Short Course
  • Support the travel of an international faculty member to the Short Course hosting country