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ISPO Recognised Schools and Training Programmes

Bangladesh Health Professionals Institute (BHPI)




Orthopedic Technologist Lower Limb Prosthetics Single Discipline Programme  

Recognition Period:

2018 - 2020



An accurate figure for the number of Bangladeshi people with disabilities in need of prostheses/orthoses and other assistive devices is unavailable. The WHO estimate of 0.5 % of a population suggests some 1,000,000 persons in Bangladesh might need such devices. A high and increasing road accident rate, increasing number of disabilities due to non-communicable diseases indicate this might be a minimum figure. The figures indicates that the Prosthetics and Orthotics service needs in Bangladesh are enormous scale with few services providers in the country. The quality of services provided by the existing centres are bellow international standard due to huge shortages of skilled P&O human resources. To address such needs, since 2014, the Bangladesh Health Professionals Institute (BHPI), the academic institute of Centre for the Rehabilitation of Paralysedhas been running a 4 years Diploma P&O programme affiliated by State Medical Faculty, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. This is the only P&O School in Bangladesh.The school is technical and financially supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Until now, a total of 38 students are enrolled in the School and 10 students (1st batch) has passed the final ISPO exam held in January 2018. We are pleased to announce that the BHPI P&O School has now achieved ISPO recognition, meaning that the educational programmes BHPI provides have been recognized as meeting international standards. We sincerely thanks to ISPO for their generous support and we strongly believe that with this achievement the P&O School will cater the needs of quality prosthetics and Orthotics services for people with Disabilities in Bangladesh.