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Ottobock International O&P School, Modular Programme in Lower Limb Prosthetics
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ISPO Recognised Schools and Training Programmes

Ottobock International O&P School
Modular Programme in Lower Limb Prosthetics




Lower Limb Prosthetics Modular Programme

Recognition Period:

2014 - 2017

Lack of O&P professionals with practical experience internationally and specifically in emerging markets was identified as a crucial success factor in terms of state of the art patient care activities by Ottobock in 2004.

As a key limiting factor for patient care activities, the design of available national education programs was identified. National schools, if existing, had no sustainable or structured approach in order to meet international professional standards and mostly focus on academic studies with only a few practical sessions.

It was clearly stated through Ottobock professional experts, that an education, that combines rigorous academic studies with the excitement of practical discovery is a mandatory demand, especially with the view to the increasing complexity of products and the development of new technologies.

Ottobock International O&P School, which was successfully accredited for the period 2014-2017, offers a 19-month lower limb prosthetics modular program leading to an internationally recognized certification: ”ISPO CAT II, Lower Limb Prosthetics Professional”. 

The program comprises of two parts:

  • Distance Learning part (8 months, start in January), where the students acquire theoretical knowledge with respect to prosthetics, i.e., Anatomy, Pathology, Biomechanics, Workshop Technology, Mathematics and Physics.
  • Practical part (11 months, start in September) which solely focuses on practical experience and hands-on prosthetic fittings.  During the practical part, students work with demonstration patients and perform 21 prosthetic fittings.

A successful student must pass various examinations, i.e., theory exams and tests, as well as regular practical intermediate and final practical exams.