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Ottobock International O&P School, Modular Programme in Lower Limb Prosthetics
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ISPO Recognised Schools and Training Programmes

Ottobock International O&P School
Orthopedic Technologist Lower Limb Prosthetics Single Discipline Programme  




Orthopedic Technologist Lower Limb Prosthetics Single Discipline Programme  

Recognition Period:

2018 - 2020

Our prime goal is to provide education that guarantees immediate technical
readiness of our graduates to fully assist patient care centres all around the world.

Continued growth of patient care institutions in the emerging markets (EM) depends on a sufficient number of qualified O&P professionals. To address this high demand, the International O&P School team have developed a comprehensive and highly practical training program, which is officially accredited by the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO).Our school stands out as an exclusive opportunity for those who seek a swift and active career start in the field of applied prosthetics.


The program follows a holistic educational approach. This means that our graduates are capable of supporting multidisciplinary teams involved in a patient treatment. Furthermore, the multicultural environment, education in English and focus on developing presentation skills provide the students with such competencies and knowledge that can be applied to a diverse range of working situations. 


The training program in a nutshell:

Intensive education: 11 months of blended learning (theory parallel with practice)

Theory is taught through online training (E-Learning modules)

Strong clinical focus: every student completes 20-21 patient fittings

Exclusive focus on lower limb prosthetics

Personal approach, with groups of max. 12 students

Student evaluation through regular practical exams and theory tests

Additional contents: presentation skills, emphatic patient communication,
  biomechanical workshops

Education in English

Regular social events – networking