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Human Study School of Rehabilitation Sciences, Blended Distance Learning Education Program in P&O
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ISPO Recognised Schools and Training Programmes

Human Study School of Rehabilitation Sciences, Blended Distance Learning Education Program in P&O


I and II

Recognition Period:

2017-2020 (Cat. II), 2019-2023 (Cat. I)



Human Study e.V. School of rehabilitation sciences offers ISPO recognized educational programs on both Category II and Category I levels.

HS Category II program 
The 5-semester P&O educational program according to ISPO Category II standards is offered to practicing P&O technicians who lack previous formal education in this field. This educational program covers 5 modules:

  • Lower Extremity Prosthetics
  • Lower Extremity Orthotics
  • Upper Extremity Orthotics
  • Upper Extremity Prosthetics
  • Trunk Orthotic

After all modules have been completed and all mandatory assignments and semester exams have been passed successfully, a final examination under ISPO supervision is organized, whereby all successful students are awarded an ISPO Category II diploma.

HS Cat II to Cat I Upgrade Program, leading to an additional Bachelor degree (recognition period 2017-2019)
The 6-semester educational program is offered to all practicing ISPO Cat II certificate holders who would like to advance their knowledge and progress professionally to reach a university educational level. The program offers training in advanced P&O theory and practice, as well as knowledge of general and medical subjects. Students who successfully pass all examinations and deliver a satisfactory research study by the end of the education receive an ISPO Cat I certificate and an additional Bachelor of P&O degree by the SSPO, Medical Faculty, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Delivery model: blended learning
Both HS educational programs are delivered in blended learning format which effectively combines the online based academic/theoretical content with the on-site practical workshop seminars at centralized facilities. This approach enables participants/students to obtain education without having to give up their jobs and family for extended periods of time and consequently lose their incomes. At the same time, this approach enables education of employees without diminishing the productivity of the company, as it decreases to a minimum the need for the students to leave their place of work. Students remain employed and fully productive at their facilities throughout the educational program.

The online part of course delivery is implemented through a customized virtual classroom (e-platform) to which students receive individual, password-protected access via Internet. E-platform enables the delivery of the teaching materials which are presented by means of contemporary multimedia presentation tools. The e-platform serves also as a communication tool between the teacher/trainer and the students, as well as among peers. During the online part of education, students study from home and do not need to travel.

Practical part of the education is in form of practical workshop seminars at centralized locations. It is constructed as a combination of oral presentations by the teacher/trainer followed by the practical hands-on demonstration on model patients. Students first observe and then replicate on model patients the demonstrated practical skills. For the practical part, students travel at to one centralized location and stay there for the duration of the workshop seminar (5-10 days).