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Education Committee


The ISPO Education Committee is responsible for all matters of ISPO relating to Education. It has a continuing responsibility to review the educational policy of the Society and to make recommendations to the Executive Board; and to oversee the educational activities of the Society as directed by the Executive Board. The Education Committee establishes educational standards, facilitates the accreditation process, encourages ongoing development in existing programs and supports new training programs to achieve a minimum standard for education and subsequently for service provision.


The work of the Education Committee is undertaken by various sub-committees:

Members 2017- 2019

  • Bryan Malas, USA (Chair)
  • Helen Cochrane, Canada (Vice-chair)
  • Dan Blocka, Canada (Member)
  • Anthony Francis, Australia (Member)
  • Rowan English, Australia (Member)
  • Carson Harte, UK (Member)
  • Sisary Kheng, Cambodia (Member)
  • Shelly Evangelista, Philippines (Member)
  • Wes Pryor, Australia (Member)
  • Berit Hamer, Germany (Member)
  • Christian Schlierf, Germany (Member)

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