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Guidance and Ideas for Action

Support ISPO in its mission to raise awareness and increase access to Prosthetics & Orthotics and assistive health technologies for people with disabilities by taking part in the #ISPOWER campaign.

Show your support by organizing and participating in activities to raise people’s awareness in your local community.


Looking for ideas to take part in the #ISPOWER campaign?

Whether you are a patient or professional, a member of an ISPO Society or just a friend or relative of a person with physical impairment, you can contribute and make use of #ISPOWER materials  such as logos, posters and flyers to display them at work, in your hospital waiting room, at your school or community center.


Here are a few ideas of activities you can do to show your engagement:

  • Organize a public walk, cycle ride or run
  • Promote the campaign on your website, blog or forum by creating an #ISPOWER section with information on the campaign
  • Engage on social media and post about #ISPOWER on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Hold awareness raising events in the general public, such as

  • A disability quiz: include questions related to general information about people with impairments and on what life is like living with a disability.
  • Sports or cooking contests: give people an opportunity to perform sports activities or cook without using one of their body parts (a leg, an arm, a hand) or challenge them to try an orthotic device like a wheelchair.
  • Information sessions at schools and universities or at your work place: invite P&O experts to present and tell about users of assistive health technology, provide information material such as leaflets, and include interactive activities such as role playing.
  • Gatherings, where professionals or children meet with disabled peers: create a shared experience, in which they perform activities together.


Other ways of engaging:

  • Identify the relevant representatives within your Government or Health authority and set up an informative meeting with them.
  • Reach out to local heroes (disabled athletes, bombing survivors, inspirational disabled speakers) and encourage them to embrace #ISPOWER and to provide inspiration as a positive role model for people with disabilities.
  • Show a banner at the start of a sports match
  • Make a human chain in a main public square on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD)
  • Organize an interview with your local press