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ISPO Member Societies

ISPO is structured in Member Societies, which are formed on a national or regional basis.

If there is a ISPO Member Society in your country, then your ISPO membership will go through the ISPO Member Society, otherwise you will become a member of ISPO International directly.

If you want to learn more about a specific ISPO Member Society, please click on a country in the list.

 Africa & Middle East       
 Asia & Oceania               
 Argentina  Austria  Algeria  Australia
 Brazil  Belgium  Egypt  Bangladesh
 Canada  Bosnia-Herzegovina  Iran  Cambodia
 Chile  Croatia  Iraq  China
 Costa Rica  Czech Republic  Israel  Chinese Taipei
 Dominican Republic  Denmark
 Jordan  Hong Kong China
 Ecuador  France  Kenya  India
 El Salvador  Germany  Lebanon  Indonesia
 Guatemala  Hungary  Niger  Japan
 Honduras  Italy  Nigeria  Malaysia
 Mexico  Macedonia  Palestine  Myanmar
 Panama  Netherlands  Qatar  New Zealand
 Peru  Norway  Rwanda  Pakistan
 Uruguay  Poland  Saudi Arabia  Philippines
 USA  Romania  Somalia  Singapore
   Serbia  South Africa  South Korea
   Slovenia  Syria  Sri Lanka
   Spain  Tanzania  Thailand
   United Kingdom    

Formation of a new ISPO Member Society

If you country has no ISPO Member Society, and you are interested in forming one, please click here


Twinning Programme between ISPO Member Societies

ISPO is trying to facilitate the collaboration between ISPO Member Societies in different settings through a twinning programme. Please click here for details.