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Pilot Countries

The #ISPOWER campaign started in 2015 in 5 pilot countries, with support of the ISPO Member Societies located in these countries.

ISPO Brazil, ISPO France, ISPO Pakistan, ISPO Rwanda and ISPO South Africa have been selected to receive extra support from ISPO International to get the campaign off the ground in their respective areas.

Activities in these countries continue to form a source of inspiration for other countries as the campaign expands further across the world.



#ISPOWER was officially launched in Brazil on 1st October 2015, at the Latin American P&O Congress organized by ISPO Brazil and the Brazilian Association for Orthopaedic Technology (ABOTEC).

ISPO Brazil is actively promoting the campaign on social media and partnering with other organizations operating in the field, while advocating for the right of people with disabilities to national policy makers.

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#ISPOWER was officially presented at ISPO France’s General Assembly in November 2015 and featured in a special editorial in the December edition of the National scientific journal “Le Journal de l’Orthopédie” reaching over 6,000 P&O professionals in France and in French-speaking Countries.

Promotion of the campaign continues on the ISPO France website and on ISPO France’s social media channels.

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ISPO Pakistan launched #ISPOWER on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities and organized a number of local awareness raising events, including the presentation of #ISPOWER among school, college and university students; the organization of Mobile Apprehensive Camps for the general public; and the production and distribution of #ISPOWER promotional items (brochures, leaflets, mugs, badges, etc.)

ISPO Pakistan is actively promoting the campaign on social media.

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ISPO Rwanda set up an #ISPOWER Working Group, which held its first meeting in early November 2015.

A number of local actions took place on  the International Day of Persons with Disabilities ranging from participation in radio talks to the distribution of  #ISPOWER collateral, participation in the National Conference on IDPD 2015, promotion of  #ISPOWER as part of the National Workshop on Disability and the Open Days in Institutions and Centres for Persons with Disabilities.

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South Africa

#ISPOWER was launched in South Africa on the 16th & 17th of October 2015, during the annual South African Orthotic & Prosthetic Association (SAOPA) and ISPO South Africa (SA) Congress.

ISPO South Africa is still actively promoting the campaign on social media.

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