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Report on the Nippon Foundation's Investments in P&O

Report on Impacts of the Nippon Foundation's Investments in Prosthetics & Orthotics



ISPO INTERNATIONAL (Friedbert Kohler, Giorgia Manuzzi); THE NIPPON FOUNDATION (Mr. Yohei Sasakawa, Yasunobu Ishii, Yuji Mori, Shuichi Ohno, Eriko Takahashi, Tatsuya Tanami, Eriko Uchiyama,Eiji Tazawa (Advisor); FOR EXCEED WORLDWIDE HQ (Carson Harte, Tanya Gilbride); NOSSAL INSTITUTE FOR GLOBAL HEALTH (Co-Investigators: Manjula Marella, Tanya Caulfield, Lisa Fitzgerald; Management: Lisa Fitzgerald, Lana Logam); CAMBODIA (For Exceed: Sisary Kheng, Heang Thearith); INDONESIA (Tanty Iswana Leasiwal, I Nengah Latra, SH); PHILIPPINES (For Exceed Worldwide: Amanda Barizo, Narelle Cook); SRI LANKA (For Exceed Worldwide: Chaturanga Munasinghe; Investigators: Pujitha Silva); THAILAND (Nisarat Opartkiattikul, Jutamat Pinitlertsakun, Jinjutha Phromjid, Juthamas Siriwatsopon, Thatchanan Manopetkasem); MYANMAR (Investigators: Khin Thida Aung, Myo Thuzar Khin; For Exceed Worldwide: Hmwe Hmwe Tun and Mike Scott)

This report was commissioned to understand the impacts of a Nippon Foundation investment in orthotics and prosthetics training and clinical services in Asia. Three main impact areas were examined. They were; 1) the total number of graduates, their career trajectories and estimates of the services provided; 2) how a new P&O workforce has integrated into national health sectors; 3) the impact on the lives of people who use P&O services.

This study used mixed methods including document review, developing theories about potential mechanisms for impact and semi-structured key informant interviews. We interviewed more than 100 people, including clients, program graduates, and other stakeholders in the P&O sector between September 2017 and August 2018. Descriptive statistics are used to summarise the main outputs of the investment. Qualitative findings were analysed based on frameworks to understand how the investment intended to influence workforce integration, and how P&O services might impact peoples’ lives. Frameworks were drawn from relevant literature, standards and related guidelines, and informed by a social interpretation of the meaning of function and rehabilitation, and how they affect community participation.