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Members Societies

Twinning Programme

Given the great disparities around the globe in terms of earnings, financial means and opportunities, and in an effort to enhance worldwide collaboration and mutual benefit within its international network of prosthetics, orthotics and rehabilitation professionals and organizations, ISPO International is working to facilitate twinning initiatives between ISPO Member Societies

The purpose of this initiative is to build a long-term personal relationship and cooperation between two Member Societies, with the objective of assisting the development and growth of the Member Society located in a less resourced context through a light cooperative framework.

Both Member Societies are free to decide on the type, activities and duration of the partnership. By matching long-established Member Societies with newly-established ones in a less resourced setting, the former may be in a position to convey experiences, provide guidance, collaborate on projects, or simply provide financial assistance to the latter.

If your Member Society is interested in participating in this programme either as a sponsor or a beneficiary, please contact ISPO

Existing Twinning Initiatives (as of 2015)

ISPO Norway-ISPO Cambodia (presentation)

ISPO Sweden-ISPO Rwanda (presentation)