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Wheelchair Advisory Group

The purpose of the ISPO Wheelchair Advisory Group is to guide ISPO to promote access to appropriate wheelchair services worldwide, capitalizing from the expertise and experience of its members and through a collaborative. To achieve this purpose, the WAG will tackle (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Developing the ISPO position on wheelchair services provision
  • Developing strategy to ensure ISPO NMS support of the ISPO position on wheelchair services
  • Promoting a multidisciplinary approach in integrating wheelchair services, as ISPO do with prosthetics and orthotics services
  • Developing strategy for the inclusion of wheelchair services within the scope of work of P&O professionals
  • Promoting the inclusion of wheelchair services competency within P&O training programmes
  • Developing strategy to enhance the capacity of P&O educators (Training of Trainers) in provision of training in wheelchair services
  • Supporting the development of new resources and use of existing such as the WHO training packages and those developed by ISWP
  • Encouraging / promoting research to motivate for strengthening wheelchair provision within rehabilitation
  • Supporting the development of ISPO short courses in wheelchair services using the WHO-developed training packages (Basic and Intermediate)
  • Ensuring the distribution of wheelchair services information through #ISPOWER

The wheelchair advisory group is an advisory committee of the board and reports to the executive board of ISPO.


  • Claude Tardif, Chair (International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics)
  • Jonathan Pearlman (International Society of Wheelchair Professionals) 
  • Ritchard Ledgerd (World Federation of Occupational Therapists)
  • David Constantine (Motivation)
  • Perth Rosen (UCP Wheels for Humanity)
  • Tebbutt Emma (World Health Organization)
  • Ritu Ghosh (Mobility India)
  • Christophe Van Geel (Handicap International 
  • Adama Amah (FATO)
  • Faustina Urassa (Wheelchair User)