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ISPO Code of Conduct

The Code is adjunct to the rules and guidelines of professional, chartered, and registration bodies and is not expected to contradict or diminish their duties and responsibilities of employers or other bodies.


The ISPO Code of Conduct based on our values:

  • Treat people equally with respect and consideration
  • Behave with integrity and honesty
  • Undertake our work to the best of our ability
  • Foster collaboration and supportive working
  • Recognise and value diversity and individual differences
  • Respect the opinion of colleagues in the multi-disciplinary team
  • Promote confidence, strength, trust and a fair environment and working culture
  • Exhibit professional behaviour
  • Take responsibility for our position of authority and be mindful of our impact on others 
  • Respect the professional standards and guidelines of ISPO and our professional bodies.


A PDF version is available for download here