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Join us in #ISPOWER:

Stimulate local #ISPOWER activities by providing your members with advocacy and awareness materials, key messages, templates, guidance for suggested campaign ideas and more.

•  Foster knowledge exchange and partnerships, with P&O professionals around the world

•  Help people with impaired mobility to raise their voices and call on leaders to improve access

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Why using a #Hashtag?

You may be wondering why there is the # in the campaign title and what it is there for. It is called a hashtag and in its most simple form it is used in social media posts in order to link the post with a key word. People can then search for these key terms or ‘hashtags’ and will then be given a list of posts in descending chronological order on their chosen social media platform that have included a given hashtag. For example if you were to tweet “One fifth of the world’s poorest people are disabled #ISPOWER”, someone who searched #ISPOWER would be able to find that tweet. This also works the same way on all major social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Therefore, #Hashtags can be an extremely powerful tool to connect people, ideas and grow campaigns such as this one by spreading the word to a much larger portion of social media users. Due to the recognized importance of the #, we chose to make the # a central focus of this advocacy campaign. That is why we are asking you to put the #ISPOWER in all relevant social media posts.