Advocacy & Awareness

Advocacy to raise awareness of the value of access to high-quality assistive health technologies and need for trained multidisciplinary professionals to provide prosthetics and orthotics services are strategic priorities for ISPO.

The ISPO Advocacy Committee is striving to increase recognition of the need for rehabilitation and technical professionals in prosthetics and orthotics; drive policy development in the prosthetics, orthotics, and rehabilitation field; and develop and implement prosthetics and orthotics standards. These goals are to be achieved through key strategic advocacy measures.

ISPO’s Advocacy Strategy

  • Awareness-raising activities
  • Targeted advocacy
  • Facilitating strategic collaborations

ISPO is a global movement around improved access to assistive health technologies for people with impaired mobility. To this end, ISPO provides a central platform to create a better understanding of the importance of assistive health technologies for professionals, decision-makers, and the public on a local and international level. Advances in assistive technology services help increase a person's mobility and facilitate their social inclusion.

World Health Assembly, May 2016

Chapal Khasnabis (WHO) - Global Cooperation on Assistive Technology (GATE)