10 October 2021

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Defining Outcome Measures and a Core Dataset for the Lower Limb Prosthetics Sector

ISPO has conducted a project to develop the LEAD (Lower Extremity Amputation Data Set) and the COMPASS (Consensus Outcome Measures for Prosthetic and Amputation Services).

One of the major impediments to making the business case to policy makers in support of rehabilitation services for people with lower limb absence (LLA) is the lack of standardised data to demonstrate impact.


LEAD is a core data set of information that can be collected in a registry or database. Use of a core data set allows standardisation of data items across data collection efforts to facilitate comparison and aggregation of data to answer real world questions for users of rehabilitation services, clinicians, managers and policy makers. An international consensus process has been run to ensure the data items are relevant, realistic and appropriate across the world. The project report details a data dictionary to facilitate consistent data collection as well as other discussion of themes relevant to registry or database design and use.

COMPASS is a list of standardised outcome measures for routine clinical practice. By collecting outcome measurement data before and after an intervention the effect of the rehabilitation interventions can be determined. A second international consensus process has been completed to ensure the outcome measures included in the COMPASS require few resources, a minimum of time, are appropriate in a wide variety of contexts and yield valuable information for people with LLA, clinicians, managers and policy makers.

COMPASS is supported by the COMPASS+ for high functioning individuals, the COMPASS Adjunct and a further recommendation about the collection of a health-related quality of life measure that is locally relevant. COMPASS is also included within the LEAD to provide data about outcomes.

Download the project report by clicking on the image:

The COMPASS User Guide details protocols and supporting material to ensure that outcome measures contained in the COMPASS are administered in a standard way, something that is critical if the data is to be reliable for comparison and aggregation. Download the user guide by clicking on the image:

The project was funded by USAID in support of ATscale and managed through UNOPS.