Formation of a new ISPO Member Society

All ISPO members are encouraged to join together on a geographical basis to facilitate local ISPO activities, promote the profession and to participate in ISPO governance through International Committee representation.


ISPO accepts Member Societies as per the following criteria, subject to approval by the Executive Board:

  • An ISPO Member Society has at all times a minimum of 5 ISPO members in good standing.
  • Interested ISPO members resident in the same country form a national Member Society, where country boundaries will be those determined by the United Nations).
  • If members within a country are unable to meet the minimum criteria to form a national Member Society, they may join together with other interested individuals, associations, organizations, and institutions to form a regional Member Society.
  • Particular circumstances in some areas of the world may call for the establishment of a Member Society that represents an administrative jurisdiction whose borders do not coincide with country borders. Such applications will receive a particularly careful consideration by the Executive Board.
  • There can only be one Member Society representing the same country, region or administrative jurisdiction; recognition being the prerogative of the Executive Board.

Any local legal requirements for the establishment of associations and societies and the handling of financial matters are the full and sole responsibility of the Member Society. As an independent and impartial Society, ISPO does not intervene in domestic legal or political matters. Only officially approved Member Societies are authorized to collect annual membership fees or conduct activities on behalf of ISPO.


Please complete the application form and submit it together with a (draft) constitution which does not conflict with the ISPO International Constitution. A template can be downloaded here. The application will be reviewed by the ISPO International Executive Board and you will be notified on the decision within a maximum period of three months.

Application Form

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ISPO Member Societies

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