ISPO Accredited Training Programmes

Beijing College of Social Administration (BCSA)

  • Occupational Classification : Associate Prosthetist/Orthotist
  • Course : Prosthetics and Orthotics Technology
  • Recognition Period : 2017 - 2026
  • Country : China

This program was established by the Chinese and German governments in 1994 in accordance with international standards. It inherits and carries forward the experience and model of German vocational education. It is the cradle of training higher talents in prosthetic and orthosis technology in China. The program takes three years to gain the diploma. The core courses include leg prosthesis assembly, thigh prosthesis assembly, upper limb prosthesis assembly, lower limb orthosis assembly, spine orthosis assembly and upper limb orthosis assembly. After professional study, students can master the reception and evaluation of prosthetics and orthosis, computer-aided design and production, plaster process, molding process, assembly process, sample training and other technologies, and devote themselves to the rehabilitation service of the disabled.

• Graduates can obtain the national level 4 (intermediate) professional qualification certificate of prosthetic technician or orthotic technician issued by the vocational skills appraisal and guidance center of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, as well as the international level 2 qualification certificate of associate prosthetist or orthotist issued by ISPO.
• The college has training rooms covering an area of more than 6000 square meters, and has laboratories for gait analysis, prosthetics and orthotics CAD technology, spine analysis and evaluation, silica gel technology, with the latest international technology and leading equipment.
• The college establishes international cooperation such as exchange students, post internships and visits with Alembert higher vocational school in France, Kawamura artificial limb Co., Ltd. in Japan and Max Born Vocational College in Germany.
• In addition to the annual national and school scholarships, there are also scholarships from Ossur prosthetic company, Dr. Kong company, Ai ge mei company, Jun kang sheng shi company and other companies to encourage outstanding students and subsidize students with difficulties.
• Key teachers have studied in Germany and obtained the ISPO I qualification. Professional teachers have foreign learning and exchange experience, and have gone to Germany, United States, France, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan to learn prosthetic and orthotic technology and education.
• Professional teachers are experts in P&O industry and serve as technical consultants in enterprises, with high professional level and social influence, compile national vocational qualification standards, industrial technical standards, training textbooks, and participate in national technical evaluation and certification.
• The teaching team was awarded the “National Outstanding Contribution Award for Skilled Talent Cultivation” and the “Second Prize of Beijing Education and Teaching (Higher Education) Achievement”. The college won the “Beijing Production-Oriented Practical Teaching Base” and the “College of Engineers” in 2018, and the “Beijing Characteristic High-level Professional Group” in 2020.
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