ISPO Accredited Training Programmes

Universidad Don Bosco (UDB)

  • Occupational Classification : Associate Prosthetist/Orthotist
  • Course : Diploma in Orthopeadic Technology
  • Recognition Period : 2008 - 2023
  • Country : El Salvador

The main objective of this career is to contribute to improving the social well-being of the group of people with physical disabilities, through the strengthening of the profession of Technicians in Orthotics and Prosthetics, offering an internationally accredited career; as well as the professional development and awareness of the people involved. To train professionals in the field of Technical Orthopedics who harmonize with the requirements of the needs of people with disabilities and who agree with the technological development of the Region, who develop or modify
devices and adapt AIDs for walking that are compatible with the user’s lifestyle and participating in the multidisciplinary rehabilitation team.
1. Able to develop and evaluate orthopedic devices that meet the essential characteristics and requirements for each user at the technical orthopedic level, applying appropriate technology and high technology.
2. With the fundamental knowledge to interpret the different medical prescriptions.
3. That they use the principles of operation of the different machines and tools, which are used in Technical Orthopedics.
4. That they are responsible in their performance and sensitive to the issue of disability